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In the last 3 months, AI companies have raised nearly $9B in funding. Over 3,700 platforms and tools now offer generative AI services. And 1 in 3 adults over the age of 18 has used a generative AI tool this year, according to Vox Media.

The AI revolution is underway. It’s becoming impossible to ignore the impact, let alone the surrounding conversations. But for all that we hear about AI, we rarely hear about the people working on it.

The WTF Innovators Award shines a light on the trailblazers shaping our future, making their innovations, ideas, and impact known. The award recognizes excellence at the precipice of societal change, with the inaugural class focusing on AI innovators.

Originally, my plan was to showcase these 34 AI leaders in a book about generative AI tools. But this industry moves too fast to do that book justice. So I made an album instead that consists of a sonic story about each of the 34 inaugural winners of the WTF Innovators Award.

Music transcends all knowledge and economic barriers. It’s a medium that is enjoyed by everyone, and thus an ideal way to share their impact in a way that resonates with a larger audience. The sonic stories honor their contributions to humanity and make it known who are the leaders in AI. – QuHarrison Terry, International Best-selling Author of The Metaverse Handbook and The NFT Handbook

Below, you’ll find the inaugural 34 recipients of the WTF Innovators Award. Click their name for a complete profile and to listen to the sonic story dedicated to them.

  1. Joel Alexander – Founder of PareaAI
  2. Anima Anandkumar – Sr. Director of AI Research at NVIDIA and Bren Professor at Caltech
  3. Dario Amodei – CEO of Anthropic
  4. Jonas Andrulis – CEO of Aleph Alpha
  5. Barsee – Founder of AI Valley
  6. Joshua Browder – CEO of DoNotPay
  7. David Dohan – Researcher at OpenAI
  8. Dr. Jim Fan – AI Scientist at NVIDIA
  9. Stew Fortier – CEO of Type AI
  10. Aidan Gomez – CEO of Cohere
  11. Ani Gottiparthy – Co-founder of Baseplate
  12. Demis Hassabis – Co-founder & CEO Google DeepMind
  13. David Holz – Founder of Midjourney
  14. Kian Hooshmand – Founder of Vocode
  15. Andrej Karpathy – Creating General Intelligence at OpenAI
  16. Chris Lattner – Founder of Modular
  17. Florian Laurent – Co-founder of Dreamlook.ai
  18. Dr. Fei-Fei Li – Professor at Stanford, Co-Director at Stanford HAI, Co-founder/Chair of AI4ALL
  19. Nick Locascio – Founder of BoothAI
  20. Amjad Masad – CEO of Replit
  21. Leighton McDonald – Concept Designer Using Generative AI
  22. Emad Mostaque – CEO of Stability AI
  23. Mira Murati – CTO of OpenAI
  24. Augustus Odena – Founder of Adept
  25. Javi Ramirez – Founder of PromptHero
  26. Victor Riparbelli – CEO of Synthesia
  27. Shunsaku Sagami – CEO of M&A Research Institute
  28. Munjal Shah – CEO of Hippocratic AI
  29. Sharif Shameem – Founder of Lexica
  30. Noam Shazeer – CEO of Character.AI
  31. Jascha Sohl-Dickstein – Senior Staff Research Scientist at Google Brain
  32. Oleg Stavitsky – CEO of Endel
  33. Mustafa Suleyman – CEO of Inflection AI
  34. Alexandr Wang – CEO of Scale AI