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Using ChatGPT & Rezi to Write a Resume / Cover Letter

Today 5 different people informed me that they had been laid off from their jobs. Each one of them called me, looking for unique ways to gain an edge in this current job market.

Then I remembered how ChatGPT got this person a six-figure job by generating a cover letter for them. That’s incredible! And perhaps the most universally relatable use case for ChatGPT today:

On average, it takes 20-80 job applications to receive a job offer. That’s a lot of personalized cover letters. I’d venture to guess if you’re sending out 20+ applications, then you’re probably already cutting corners on these and reusing a lot of the same language.

ChatGPT will give job-seekers the ability to send more applications of a higher quality and far quicker than normal.

ChatGPT Prompt (This is what I used in the video)

Enter this into ChatGPT. Enter ChatGPT's responses into Rezi.

Name: []

Field: [line of work you're pursuing]
Experience: [statement or list of places]
Skills: [each separated by ,]
Education: [relevant post-secondary schooling or courses]

Intended Recipient (Company/Employer): [Name - Job/Role; Employer Name, Position/Title]

Write a [cover-letter and/or resume] using the above fields and format guidance