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Using ChatGPT & Beautiful.ai to Create a Powerpoint Presentation

Many people dislike creating PowerPoint presentations because selecting and organizing the information, designing the slides, and practicing the delivery can be time-consuming and tedious.

Additionally, many people feel pressure to make the presentation look professional and polished, which can be stressful. While some people also find it challenging to effectively convey their ideas and messages through a PowerPoint presentation.

I'm one of those people. And I was ecstatic when I realized that ChatGPT and Generative AI could assist me with my Powerpoint Presentation abilities:

Overall, Generative AI has the potential to greatly assist individuals in creating more effective and engaging PowerPoint presentations. By providing tools for organizing and structuring information, designing visually appealing slides, and even practicing delivery, Generative AI can help to alleviate many of the challenges and frustrations commonly associated with creating and giving presentations.

Furthermore, by analyzing data on audience engagement and feedback, AI can help to optimize presentations for maximum impact and effectiveness. As a result, the use of AI in creating PowerPoint presentations has the potential to significantly improve the overall experience for both presenters and audiences alike.

I'm excited to see how Microsoft will integrate ChatGPT into its PowerPoint software offering, even if it's something as small as helping me think through the presentation outline that would make a difference.

ChatGPT Prompt (This is what I used in the video)

Enter this into ChatGPT. Enter ChatGPT's responses into Beautiful.ai.

I want you to act as a Powerpoint expert. I will provide the topics, titles, audience and length of the presentation. You will provide an outline of what to include in every slide and how much time the presentation last. For every part, mention how much time to spent on it.

My first request is "Skateboarding, why it’s harder to learn how to skateboard in your 30s, 10mins"