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ChatGPT Plans a Disney World Vacation for $3,000

The cost of going to Disney World is getting out of hand, making it more difficult for the average family to go. What a time for ChatGPT to show up and do some tangible good for the average person.

In the video below, we test how ChatGPT would fare at creating a budget-friendly Disney World vacation – and the results were shockingly good.

ChatGPT Prompts

Create a Disney World Budget:

Create a Disney World budget breakdown including travel, food, hotel accomodations, cost of tickets, and extras for a family of [# of persons] with a total budget of [budget in dollars]. We're traveling from [origin city] and would like to [preferred travel method] there. Please share this plan with me as well as your recommendation for number of days and ticket type to fit our budget.

Find hotels near the premises:

Find hotels off-premise at Disney World that will fit my hotel budget for [# of days]. I'd like to be as close to Disney World as possible without sacrificing the budget.

Sidenote: must use GPT-4 "Web Browsing" feature for this prompt to work

Plan a daily itinerary:

Plan a daily itinerary for a full day at [park of choice, i.e. Magic Kingdom]. Take into account [insert any preferences, age of kids, etc.], so choose activities, rides, and attractions accordingly. Detail the itinerary by time of day and round to the nearest 10-minute integer. Break the day into morning, midday, afternoon, and evening. Don't forget to include meals and breaks.

Advanced Prompt Tip: It won't account for wait times at the rides. After it has created an itinerary, you can edit the prompt and tell it to "Take into account the wait times at the following rides using the data included in the links below", go to Thrill Data pages for each ride, copy-and-paste the ride's URL into the prompt, and then resubmit.