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How to Write An eBook with ChatGPT

Having made a career around writing – books, marketing campaigns, paid newsletters, etc. – the proficiency at which ChatGPT can generate coherent, long-form text is frightening. Although I don’t plan to write a book with ChatGPT as a collaborator any time soon (since the copyright laws on AI-generated works are still a little murky).

In the video below, we walk through the series of ChatGPT prompts you can use to write an eBook/Book – from generating ideas to positioning it in the market to ending with a completed manuscript.

ChatGPT Prompt Workflow from Video

Generate eBook ideas for a free eBook used as a marketing lead magnet:

I run a [business type] that [service or product you provide and industry]. I’d like to create a free eBook that acts as a marketing lead magnet to find qualified leads which I can upsell on my newsletter. Identify 5 eBook ideas that will attract interest in our offerings. Include a catchy title and a 100 word summary for each.

Identify positioning for your book on Amazon:

I’m looking to start a Kindle Publishing business and would like to know what book categories have the greatest opportunity. Identify ten Amazon book categories I should target related to space technology.

Sidenote: Pair with KDP Spy extension to get sales data for categories

Generate titles and summaries to find the right book idea:

You are an expert on [insert specific subject matter]. You are specifically proficient at [describe three areas of focus for ChatGPT]. Our mission is to create an eBook that shows your passion while also [goal of the book: teach, introduce, etc.] about [the subject]. Identify 5 Book ideas for this. Include a catchy title and a 100 word summary for each.

Generate Table of Contents:

[Insert chosen Title and Summary]

Generate a table of contents for a [#] chapter book about the above title and brief summary. When you can, try to make each chapter title a witty play on words related to [the subject]. Under each chapter title, provide 5 bullet points about the main topics that will be covered in that chapter. Keep each chapter title under eight words and each bullet point under fifteen words.

Generate chapters, one-by-one:

[Insert Title + Bullets from chosen chapter]

Generate a [# of words] word book chapter based on the above chapter title and the bullet points as the main points of the chapter. You should be direct with your words and not provide too much filler. We want this to be succinct and filled with value. When you deem a topic to be too complex, use a metaphor to simplify an idea. Metaphors should use the subject matter of either [pick three interests that may relate or make for good metaphors].

Ask ChatGPT to rewrite to include your knowledge:

Rewrite that same chapter but find the best place to incorporate the following paragraphs I wrote. You can lightly edit my writing if you need to.

[Add your writing]

Finding data to support its ideas and arguments:

Find data that supports this opinion: [insert the paragraph you’d like data to support]

Rewrite for brevity or engagement:

Rewrite the following writing to make it 30% shorter.
Rewrite the following writing to make it more engaging and entertaining. Use shorter sentences too.

Formatting and publishing help:

I have a completed eBook document. How do I format it for Kindle and other e-readers? And how do I go about publishing this?