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Asking ChatGPT “What Should I Eat?”

If you’re an active user of ChatGPT (or other AI tools), then you’re likely obsessed with efficiency. You’re trying to find ways to automate mindless tasks, jumpstart your inspiration, and ultimately cut hours of work time. But there’s one glaring task we’ve all overlooked that ChatGPT can easily take care of.

What should I eat?

The average person spends 37 minutes a day thinking about what to eat. That comes out to 225 hours per year. We spend 10 days per year thinking about what to eat!

In the video below, Ryan asks ChatGPT this simple question to find out if the tool can actually cut days of food choice paralysis out of his life.

Prompts Used in Video

Replace what’s in brackets “[...]” with your own words. This prompt is for home cooking:

Help me decide what to eat out of what's in my fridge and pantry. Get creative:

[insert list of food]
[include seasonings]
[the more you include, the better]

This prompt is for eating out:

Help me find something to eat within [time willing to drive] of [location]. [Add stipulations such as “No chain restaurants”]. Reviews should be above [preferred star rating]. And I don't want to spend more than [dollar amount] per person.