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Is the ChatGPT Plugin Store the Next Apple App Store?

OpenAI rolled out the Plugin Store to ChatGPT Plus users a couple of weeks ago, allowing third-party developers to create new ways for users to interact with the AI. I’ve covered many of these already, including the shopping plugins which use AI to find products, the Speechki plugin which allows you to generate audio files in ChatGPT for the first time, as well as the Tasty plugin that surfaces personalized recipes.

In many ways, these plugins give ChatGPT to connect to the broader Internet and use platforms like Instacart, Zillow, and Kayak. Many have likened this moment to the launch of the Apple App Store – a marketplace that has allowed developers to earn over $320 billion in 15 years. Seems like a tall order for the ChatGPT Plugin Store to fill.

In the video below, we break down the fundamental differences between these two app marketplaces and identify where the opportunities lie for businesses.

ChatGPT Plugin Reviews

These are my honest opinions of the plugins in the ChatGPT plugin store. I give each a score of 1-100 (100 being the best), along with my reasoning. I’ll do my best to make this a comprehensive list, however, things are moving fast and it’s hard to review all of them.

Speechki (81)

  • Text-to-audio generation tool.
  • AI voice sounds great.
  • Considering most text-to-audio tools are quite expensive, this is a must-use.

Shop (72)

  • Scours all eCommerce stores and takes all specifications and requirements into account. The best shopping plugin I’ve found yet.

There’s An AI For That (68)

  • Simple and straightforward. Helps you find an AI tool for your needs.

Tasty (65)

  • Provides recipes from the Tasty website.
  • Understands complex directions such as dietary restrictions, time to cook, what’s in your fridge, etc. and can generate entire meal plans.

Lexi Shopper (44)

  • AI personal shopper for Amazon.
  • Can certainly save you time with decision paralysis on Amazon, but it’s not great at understanding complex needs for your products.

Klarna (29)

  • AI personal shopper, but entirely for Klarna’s site.
  • Basically, an upgraded search bar for Klarna.

Local by GoodCall (29)

  • Local restaurant and business search with automated booking feature.
  • Only surfaces businesses registered to their site and using their product, which is limited.

Tic Tac Toe (13)

  • Slowest game of Tic Tac Toe ever.
  • Also, each move counts as a query credit. With only 25 GPT-4 credits per three hours, you can burn all your AI usage in minutes with this game.

Wishbucket (N/A)

  • AI personal shopper, but entirely in Korean.
  • Does not apply to my needs.