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Applying for Jobs with ChatGPT

I was scrolling Reddit and saw this post:

ChatGPT got this person a six-figure job by generating a cover letter for them. That’s incredible! And perhaps the most universally relatable use case for ChatGPT today.

On average, it takes 20-80 job applications to receive a job offer. That’s a lot of personalized cover letters. I’d venture to guess if you’re sending out 20+ applications, then you’re probably already cutting corners on these and reusing a lot of the same language.

ChatGPT will give job-seekers the ability to send more applications of a higher quality and far quicker than normal.

The team at Business Insider ran a similar experiment with ChatGPT:

While Insider didn't share exactly what the chatbot wrote in either of the cover letters, our own findings echo the hiring manager's takeaways. We asked ChatGPT to write a cover letter for a social media assistant job at the San Francisco Giants sports team, inputting the job description provided on its website.

"Dear [Hiring Manager], I am excited to apply for the Social Media Assistant position with the San Francisco Giants," the chatbot wrote. "As a lifelong Giants fan and experienced social media professional, I believe I am uniquely qualified for this role."

We never told the bot to say it's a Giants fan, but it's endearing that it has seemingly as much of a penchant for bullshitting its way into a job as much as a human does. It went on to include all the keywords and phrases you'd want to see in a cover letter, like "strong team player," "extensive experience" in a relevant area, and "skilled in using various social media platforms." – Futurism

This is another great example of the value of experimenting with Generative AI today. There’s such an advantage to learning how to collaborate with this tool. You won’t know what tasks you can automate or the stressors you can eliminate with ChatGPT until you get your hands dirty.