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Levels.fyi Used Google Sheets as a No-Code Backend Scaling to Millions of Users

Yesterday, my friend was unfortunately let go from their job, and they were pretty depressed by the news. They asked me if I knew anyone hiring, and quite frankly, I didn't, so I hopped on the web and found this site called Levels.fyi.

Levels.fyi, is a career-focused website with a monthly average of 1-2 million unique visitors, and they have a page detailing who's still hiring in tech. However, the crazier thing is it was established in 2017 without a backend system.

To make this happen the company leveraged Google Forms and Google Sheets to swiftly launch its first version, opting for this approach to prioritize product-idea fit, reduce expenses on API and database server setup, and minimize operational maintenance efforts. This article examines Levels.fyi's strategy and the lessons learned from constructing a dynamic website without relying on a database or API server.

This is a great example showcasing how no-code tools make product building more accessible to the masses. No-code tools help you automate work and create products faster, cheaper, and better without writing code.