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Turn Yourself into a Disney Pixar Character – Midjourney Prompt

This prompt will allow you to turn an image of yourself into a Disney Pixar style. As an added step, you can then animate that Pixar-like portrait of yourself by following the simple tutorial here.

Midjourney Prompt Steps

  • Take a well-lit picture of yourself, preferably from the waist up.
  • Upload it to a Midjourney Discord channel.
  • Open the image and copy the link address.
  • Start an /imagine prompt in the Midjourney Discord.
  • Paste the image address. Then describe yourself in ultra-detail. The more, the better. And end the prompt with "in the style of a Disney Pixar character."

Prompt Format: [headshot media link] [detailed description of self] in the style of a Disney Pixar character.

  • Press Enter and generate images.
  • Reroll the Midjourney output until you find one you're satisfied with.
  • Once you find the version you like, upscale it.
  • Download the Disney Pixar version of yourself.

If you'd like to create an animated version of this character, then follow the simple steps in this video.