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Midjourney Styles & Keyword Reference

There’s a lot to study when it comes to working with Midjourney. The tool is already on v4 and their team is continuously updating the model to understand hints better, compose scenes better, and provide more detail.

I find myself honing my prompting skills many times a week to learn what developers find more effective.

WTF? Midjourney Keyword Guide

Recently, I found this massive resource for learning styles, colors, and other prompting vocabulary for Midjourney. I turn to this reference page every time I open Midjourney because it’s helpful, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

There are a lot of tactically important pages in this guide. For instance, having Midjourney generate text within an image is notoriously difficult. The reference guide has a comparison page about how to best format prompts to get words in Midjourney output.

I’m currently learning to design intangibles into Midjourney images, such as emotion, perception, time, size, etc. These are the untold parts of an image that give it weight and power when you stare at it.

There are also a lot of quirky and fun pages to explore in that guide, like his experiments using made-up words and chaos prompts.

Overall, there’s a lot of value in this reference guide and I’d recommend you find a way to incorporate it into your Midjourney prompting process. Don’t get too lost, though, and remember to run your own experiments, as well.