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Infrastructure of the Metaverse

Typically, when people talk about the metaverse they are talking about the apps, the devices, the experiences, and the market opportunities – the big ideas that will change our digital livelihood. Rarely, do we mention the underlying infrastructure needed to make the metaverse work – the boring and unsexy parts that are actually the foundation of the metaverse

Because the metaverse deals with large graphics files and data-intensive 3D environments, there are major upgrades to our Internet foundation needed in order to make this level of data transfer available at the scale of 1B+ users.

Without the following metaverse infrastructure companies, none of my previous six notes on the metaverse can come true:

  1. 70 Ways to Experience the Metaverse
  2. Metaverse App Stores
  3. The Metaverse Creator Economy
  4. The 3D Software Behind the Metaverse
  5. The Decentralized Metaverse
  6. The Devices Used to Enter the Metaverse

Metaverse Infrastructure

Metaverse Infrastructure includes advances in semiconductors, material science, cloud computing, and telecommunications networks which make it possible to build and deliver any sort of metaverse expeirence.

  • Akamai – Cloud-based content delivery network
  • Agora – Interactive voice and video provider
  • AMD – Microprocessors
  • Apple – Hardware and software for the metaverse
  • Arm – Microprocessors
  • Atomica – Cloud computing and networking
  • AT&T – Data networking and connectivity
  • AWS – Cloud computing
  • Azure – Cloud computing
  • Bandwidth – Enterprise communications
  • Broadcom – Designs, develops, and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software
  • Cloudflare – Cloud networking and security
  • Dfinity – Blockchain contributors
  • Digital Realty – Data centers
  • Edgegap – Server infrastructure for gaming and enterprise
  • Fastly – Edge cloud computing platform
  • Google Cloud – Cloud computing
  • IBM – AI, cloud, and enterprise software
  • Intel – Data centers and microprocessors
  • Marvell – Data infrastructure
  • Nvidia – Computing and graphics innovation
  • OMINVISION – Semiconductor manufacturer
  • Ouster – Digital lidar sensors and solutions
  • Qorvo – Radio frequency applications provider
  • Qualcomm – Semiconductor manufacturer and wireless communications products
  • ProLogium – Battery manufacturer
  • Skyworks – Data networking and connectivity
  • Starlink – Satellite-based Internet provider
  • T-Mobile – Telecom networking and connectivity
  • Verizon – Telecom networking and connectivity
  • Vodafone – Telecom networking and connectivity