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Sydney’s Revenge

First and foremost, I apologize for the delays in my recent Everydays.WTF notes. Last week, I had several significant life events and experiences, and I needed the time to reflect and get my personal life together.

To fix my mistakes, I’ve changed the process and procedures I use to write these WTF notes.

The new process is much more agile and mobile, which should ensure that I don’t have any further mishaps.

Thank you again for rocking with me all these months, and I promise all of you that the future of this site is much brighter than this past week.

With that being said, a lot has happened in the Generative AI space since my last WTF note:

I still haven’t gotten access to Bing’s AI Chatbot so I’m unable to test out Sydney for myself. However, the last week has felt like one big press tour for Microsoft with all the attention their rogue Chatbot has received.

In many ways it should’ve went exactly like this given how much backlash Microsoft received for their Tay AI Chatbot back in 2016.

Once Bing AI is released to the general public I doubt Sydney will be included in its current state.