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NFTs & Podcasts

It's not every day that an NFT concept shocks me. However, I'm shocked not more people are talking about the resounding success that Bankless is having with their collectible podcast NFTs.

What do I like?

  • Interactive NFTs – They're using sounds from the podcast and utilizing Sound.xyz for the creation of the NFT collectibles.
  • Golden Egg Element – Each drop has a unique 1 of 1 "Golden Egg" NFT randomly assigned after the sale.
  • DAO & Token Holders Early Access – Each drop has a pre-sale that is only accessible to the Bankless DAO Members (meaning you have at least 35,000 BANK or holden a special token in your wallet)

How can you leverage this?

If you've been considering getting into the NFT game, Bankless Collectibles is a great model to be inspired by. It's a project with great unit economics and creates value for all parties involved.