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Link: writing in lowercase

The online exchange was so unusual that Neeha Curtis used it as the basis for a communications class she teaches at Syracuse University Neeha, who is also chief communications officer of Jugo, focused on Altman’s style quirk of tweeting in lowercase. She notes that she tends to use lowercase when she’s communicating to close colleagues via Slack or texting to family. Uppercase is for more formal business work. When Altman used lowercase to announce his ouster was signaling the same kind of intimacy, albeit to a following of 2.2 million. Here are the points she made to her class as she posted them online: 1. lowercase equals approachability. it breaks the formal barrier, making sam seem more like a conversation partner than a distant leader. 2. it feels off the cuff, appears like a message from a friend. 3. stays aligned with a tech-savvy audience, proving he’s “with it”. innovation often begins by defying the status quo. sam’s style reflects a willingness to challenge traditional communication norms. 4. a unique style can set you apart. in the digital noise, being recognizable is key, and altman’s tweets do just that –it’s his signature. 5. lowercase typing is quick and efficient, mirroring a leadership style that values straightforward, clear communication. 6. choosing informality shows a touch of humility. it’s a subtle nod to being part of the team, not just leading it. ** biggest takeaway, his communication doesn’t feel like ChatGPT wrote it– ironic isn’t it?** Neeha’s last point is the most important. However you write, make it authentic.  #


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