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Link: Vodafone looks to integrate crypto wallets with SIM cards

Vodafone, a United Kingdom-based telecommunications provider, hopes to bring blockchain technology to smartphone users by integrating cryptocurrency wallets with subscriber identity module (SIM) cards. In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance Future Focus, Vodafone Blockchain Lead David Palmer discussed the company’s plans to integrate blockchain technology into smartphone sim cards: “By 2030 we’re expecting more than 20 billion mobile phones to be in operation, many of those being smartphones. […] So we’ve focused on linking the sim card to digital identity, linking the sim card to blockchains, and using the cryptography we have in those sim cards for that integration.” Palmer elaborated on the figures he presented, stating that he expected there to be some eight billion smartphones in use by 2030 and predicting a surge in crypto wallets to 5.6 billion in the same time frame — enough to account for nearly 70 percent of all people on Earth. #


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