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Link: AI-Voiced Audiobooks Top 40,000 Titles on Audible

Last year, Amazon.com Inc. announced that self-published authors in the US who make their books available on the Kindle Store would soon be able to access a new tool in beta testing. Many of them, likely prohibited by cost and time, hadn’t yet turned their ebooks into audiobooks, but with the help of an Artificial Intelligence-generated “virtual voice” they could easily do so. In the months since the free tool launched in beta, authors have embraced it. Over 40,000 books in Audible are marked as having been created with it, and, in posts online, authors praise the fact that they have saved hundreds or thousands of dollars per title on narration costs. One author, Hassan Osman of the Writer on the Side blog said turning one of his books into an audiobook took only 52 minutes. #


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