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Link: Tokyo is cheaper to live in than San Juan, according to global survey - The Japan Times

The Mercer cost-of-living rankings follow the recent publication of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2024 Liveability Index, which named Osaka as the most livable city in Asia, and ninth globally, and Tokyo as the 14th most livable city globally. The rankings also dovetail nicely with the Economist’s Big Mac index, which shows that Japan now has one of the cheaper McDonald’s Big Macs in the world, currently costing the equivalent of $3.00. On Mercer’s 2024 cost-of-living list, Hong Kong was No. 1 overall and Singapore No. 2. New York came in as the 7th most expensive city in the world and London No. 8. Other cities more expensive than Tokyo include: Beijing (25), Seoul (32) and Shenzhen (34). Phnom Penh, Cambodia (123), Bangkok (129) and Manila (131) are all more expensive than Osaka. As most of the world has been struggling with very high inflation, prices in Japan have been falling or rising at a slower pace in recent years. Its currency has been falling, and this is also a factor in the Mercer cost-of-living rankings. #


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