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Link: The AI summer

ChatGPT happened a lot faster. it exploded into our consciousness in late 2022, and it’s taken all the oxygen in tech almost immediately. If you’re building a startup today that isn’t focused on generative AI, all your friends will point at you and laugh, but much more importantly, ChatGPT got to 100m users in just 2 months. By this spring, unprecedented numbers of people had both heard of it and used it. As with every observation about the acceleration of tech adoption, a lot of this is ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ - OpenAI didn’t have to wait for people to buy devices or for telcos to build DSL or 3G. For consumers, ChatGPT is just a website or an app, and (to begin with) it could ride on all of the infrastructure we’ve built over the last 25 years. So a huge number of people went off to try it last year. The problem is that most of them haven’t been back. If you ask what ‘used’ actually means, it turns out that most people played with it once or twice, or go back only every couple of weeks. #


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