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Link: Record 19,000 people with dementia reported missing in Japan in 2023

A record 19,039 people with dementia in Japan were reported missing in 2023 — nearly double the figure from 10 years earlier — with more than 500 of those having been found dead, according to the National Police Agency. Among those who went missing, 18,221 of them, or 96%, were located last year. About 74% were found on the same day that a missing person report was filed for them. Meanwhile, 553 people were found dead, the NPA said. Men continued to outnumber women, a trend that has persisted for the past five years, with 10,597 (approximately 56%) of the missing individuals being male, while missing women amounted to 8,442. More than half of them were age 80 and above while 36% were those in their 70s, according to the NPA data. Two people were in their 30s. The prefecture with the largest number of missing persons was Hyogo, with 2,094, followed by Osaka (2,016) and Saitama (1,912). GPS was also provided to people with dementia.  #


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