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Link: Google touts ‘enterprise-ready’ AI with more facts and less make-believe

Vertex AI, the Google Cloud development platform that allows companies to build services using Google’s machine learning and large language models, is getting new capabilities to help prevent apps and services from pushing inaccurate information. After rolling out general availability for Vertex AI’s Grounding with Google Search feature in May — which enables models to retrieve live information from the internet — Google has now announced that customers will also have the option to improve their services’ AI results with specialized third-party datasets. Google says the service will utilize data from providers like Moody’s, MSCI, Thomson Reuters, and ZoomInfo and that grounding with third-party datasets will be available in “Q3 this year.” This is one of several new features that Google is developing to encourage organizations to adopt its “enterprise-ready” generative AI experiences by reducing how often models spit out misleading or inaccurate information. #


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