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Link: Microsoft’s Japan chief sees country accelerating its use of AI - The Japan Times

Japan has been one of the fastest countries to embrace the use of new artificial intelligence tools and has the potential to accelerate its economy and tech sector by going further, according to Microsoft Japan President Miki Tsusaka. "The Japanese have caught up. And I think it will continue to accelerate at this point because the technology enables things that we haven’t been able to do,” Tsusaka said in an interview. "We don’t have enough people, our population is aging, and yet generative AI has the power to accelerate growth.” Tsusaka identified cybersecurity as another key priority, because "you can’t use AI without security. It’s security, security, security. And then you get to use AI.” Microsoft works closely with the government — at both national and local level — and businesses to ensure technology is deployed responsibly and safely, she said. Still, she sees AI as an inevitable and revolutionary new part of tech. #


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