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Link: Explore Tokyo Using the Metaverse and AR | The Official Tokyo Travel Guide, GO TOKYO

Step into the metaverse to enjoy a new kind of tourism experience for Tokyo in the 21st century. The VR world “HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS” and the web app "TOKYO HUNT!” will help you plan your visit to Tokyo, and enhance your experience once you arrive. HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS is a VR world based on the popular Roblox platform. It provides a space where people who are interested in Tokyo can connect and interact. Prospective visitors can make friends with local people who will be able to share their expertise about the capital.TOKYO HUNT! is a web app which you can use before and during your visit to Tokyo. It provides a new way to experience Tokyo that combines the real and virtual. An AR camera function allows you to take commemorative photos with various characters while sightseeing in Tokyo. AR will appear at various locations, including the Hachiko Statue in Shibuya, Hama-rikyu Gardens, Asakusa Kaminarimon Gate, and the sumo wrestler statue in Ryogoku. #


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