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Using the Metaverse to Create A Memorable Moment

We’re at a unique moment in time where most people have heard something about the metaverse but very few have experienced it. And frankly, most of those who are metaverse regulars are either gamers or VR enthusiasts.

This means there’s a massive opportunity to facilitate people’s first experience of the metaverse; to be their introduction to the Immersive Internet.

This is exactly what Jessica “Ragzy” Ewud is doing this week.

Memorable Metaverse Moments

Ragzy is a globally-recognized contemporary artist best known for her quirky use of media such as LEGOs, tin foil, and playing cards in her physical and digital creations. She was selected as one of the top LEGO creators in the US and competed in the hit TV series "LEGO Masters." Her work has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Randi Zuckerberg Show, and Daily Mail for her creations and contributions to the NFT space.

What’s fascinating about Ragzy is that she’s still creating and selling NFTs even in the down market. And she’s kicking off a new NFT series tomorrow (Dec 1, 2022) at Art Basel Miami called “Foil Story.”

Here’s where it gets really interesting, though.

Ragzy read The Metaverse Handbook and was inspired to get into metaverse building. She reached out to me and we tossed ideas around, ultimately landing on her Art Basel NFT launch as the perfect time to showcase her first metaverse.

We partnered up and designed a custom-built metaverse space to present her “Foil Story” NFT art series. The space imagines Ragzy's NFT art piece as a room-scale sculpture, giving viewers the ability to interact with the piece in a detailed 3D environment, converse with other digital art collectors, and hear about the inspiration behind the piece from Ragzy's digital twin.

You can check out our metaverse space here: https://metaversehandbook.com/knowl3dge

What I love about this campaign is that it’s an interesting synergy between NFTs, the metaverse, and Art Basel – all of which are future-forward communities/technologies that have only recently begun to overlap. Because we mixed something that is misunderstood and new (the metaverse and NFTs) with something that is well understood and legacy (Art Basel), we created an onramp between the two paradigms.

This is one of the major values that the metaverse presents creators and businesses of all kinds today.

The metaverse is a means to add something special to campaigns to make them more appealing, unique, and memorable. It’s like the garnish on a perfectly-cooked steak.

Overall, now is the ideal time to use the metaverse to make a memorable moment.

We’re not oversaturated with metaverse experiences. Brands aren’t inundating us with marketing their virtual spaces. Influencers haven’t figured out how to build their own private virtual clubs. But this won’t last forever. People will get privy to creating metaverse experiences and at that point, the luster will be lost.