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Link: Why people are trading meme coins - Thread by @mrjasonchoi

This is merely continuation of a bigger trend you see across the world in developed countries: the future that was promised to older generations is no longer available to the young. My parents' generation's dream was to have a good stable job, buy a house, raise 2 kids. The most common dream when I was a college student?Be a billionaire tech founder. Why? Well, one because everyone watched The Social Network, missed the entire fucking point of the movie, and idolized Zuck. (Just like they did with the Wolf of Wall Street, but that's for another rant) But also maybe because median home price since 1985 is up 80% after adjusting for inflation, and household price-to-income is more than 2x compared to our grandparents'? Or maybe because 50% of people make less than their parents did at 30 today, compare to 90%+ in 1940. Or maybe because the world seems richer than it's ever been, but somehow the young is inheriting less than half of what they did before. Or maybe because simply working hard and being a good employee no longer offers you the same opportunities that were offered to your parents. So if there's no way to ascend the social ladder and it's going to be a lifetime of wage-cucking anyway, why not flip the coin and see if you can be the next college dropout billionaire entrepreneur? #


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