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The Comprehensive Metaverse Events Calendar

Unless you actively search for them, it’s hard to know what events are happening in the metaverse. AltspaceVR Events, VR Event Hub (for VRChat events), and Decentraland have robust event calendars, while platforms like Roblox, Meta Horizon Worlds, The Sandbox, and others are greatly lacking.

Furthermore, there’s no central place to see what’s happening across all platforms. With over 70 ways to enter the metaverse, you can see why there’s a need for an aggregated metaverse event calendar.

That’s why I’m taking the lead and creating a public, coordinated Metaverse Events Calendar that tracks notable or interesting events across all social and experiential metaverse platforms.

This is stage one. I plan on creating a submission form and a more beautified presentation of this. And also expanding it to be more comprehensive, in addition to a curated option. However, we have to start somewhere.

Nonetheless, here are 7 of the events I’m most looking forward to attending in the coming weeks:

  • DJ Nina Creese Workshop in Tribe XR on Nov. 1
  • Banksy Street Art Break in AltspaceVR on Nov. 3
  • VoxBoards Skate Sesh in Decentraland on No. 6
  • Forbes Meet us in the Metaverse in The Sandbox on Nov. 10
  • Metaverse Music Festival in Decentraland on Nov. 10-13
  • Transhumanists in VR in VRChat on Nov. 12
  • Space Explorers Agora for NASA Artemis I Launch in Meta Horizon Worlds on Nov. 12