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Metaverse App Stores

One of the challenges of writing a book on emerging technology, like The Metaverse Handbook, is that by the time it’s published several new advances arise that aren’t in the book. That’s why I focused more on the philosophy and core principles guiding the metaverse. And through Everydays.WTF I will continue to update metaverse advances in real-time.

This is the second installment of my series of notes on Metaverse Builders: The Companies Driving Metaverse Innovation.

Yesterday I covered 70 Ways to Experience the Metaverse. Today, we’re going into Metaverse Discovery Platforms. These companies and platforms make it easier to discover new metaverse apps, experiences, and innovations. Think of them as Metaverse App Stores that help you find the metaverse for you.

Metaverse Discovery Platforms

  • AppLovin – Helping connect VR apps with users
  • Avocado DAO – Metaverse gaming DAO focused on educating and providing opportunities in the Play-to-Earn blockchain gaming space
  • BAYZ – Web3 gaming guild providing resources to educate the market
  • Decentraland Events – Discover upcoming events in Decentraland
  • Discord – Metaverse and VR-focused communities
  • Epic Games Store – Discover Epic Games
  • Game Jolt – (VR) Gaming communities platform
  • Google Play – Discover AR apps
  • ironSource – Helping developers monetize and scale their metaverse apps
  • Itch.io – (VR) Game discovery platform
  • Luna – Amazon’s cloud gaming platform
  • MetaverseResources.org – Library of metaverse apps, articles, and jobs in the industry
  • Oculus Experiences – Discover Oculus apps
  • Parcel – Aggregates metaverse land for sale across platforms
  • PathDAO – Educating, investing in, and growing the metaverse industry
  • SideQuest – Get early access to Oculus apps
  • SteamVR – Discover VR games made on Steam
  • XR Swim – Destination for XR game discovery
  • Tropos AR – Adds AR functionality to mobile apps
  • Unity Ads – Tools for Unity creators to acquire new users
  • Vungle – Helping developers monetize and scale their metaverse apps
  • Yield Guild – Play-to-Earn gaming community