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Exactly a year ago, I embarked on a unique venture: the creation of everydays.WTF. The objective was to create a digital platform that could bridge the gap between the transient nature of social media and the depth of personal blogging, all while providing a glimpse into my thought process. It was envisaged as a time capsule of ideas, resonating the essence of creation and authenticity.

As I set about realizing this endeavor, I faced an array of challenges that came along with daily logging of in-depth notes. The pressure to craft content suited for public consumption often overshadowed the core intention of honest creation. The meticulous attention to presentation became a hurdle rather than a hallmark. However, collaborating with Ryan Cowdrey on honing my writing skills and with Mike O'Day on adding a visual dimension to the narrative steered the journey back to its authentic course.

After a year of relentless effort, reflection has brought me to several significant realizations. First and foremost, I am inspired to dismantle the paywall, making everydays.WTF a free haven of ideas. The objective is clear: prioritize accessibility over fiscal gains. The conversations and impact witnessed over the last year have affirmed the value of open access to the content, fostering a broader dialogue and community engagement.

The second insight is a rekindled passion for creation and storytelling. I am eager to escape the self-imposed shackles of rigid timelines that, at times, compromise the quality of content. The aim is to embrace a relaxed yet profound approach, allowing for a varied length and depth in the daily entries, reflecting the true essence of the thought process on that particular day.

As we transition into the next phase, everydays.WTF will evolve from a written newsletter or a video log into a multimedia mosaic. The plan is to share daily insights through a mix of text, audio, and video, enriching the user experience and engaging a wider audience. This transformation is akin to opening the doors to my creative gym, reminiscent of how Floyd Mayweather invites audiences into his training sessions. It's about laying bare the process, the discipline, and the focus that goes into honing one's craft.

Moreover, the upcoming year will also emphasize fostering conversations within the community and extending the content spectrum to include book summaries and discussions on a broader range of topics beyond emerging technologies.

Undoubtedly, this multimedia expedition will require additional hands on deck, and I am keen on collaborating with the community and external talents to bring this vision to fruition.

As we step into 2024, the journey of everydays.WTF is not just a personal endeavor but a collective exploration of ideas, shared learnings, and a celebration of the creative process. The past year has been an incredible learning curve, and it has set a robust foundation for what's to come. With a heart full of gratitude for the companionship on this journey so far, I am thrilled about the possibilities. Here’s to the uncharted terrains of creativity and community that await us in 2024 and beyond.