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Link: Why UX should be invisible

The key to achieving UX excellence is to have the product do more work than the user. Meaning, every experience with your product should be an iteration of the one before. How predictive is your predictive search? Hard work on the back end can make the user experience feel nearly effortless. Google’s partnership with Apple is maybe the most strategic exemplification of this principle in the age of the internet. In 2005, Google became the proprietary search engine for Apple’s Safari browser on Mac computers in an effort to provide Apple users with premium search functionality. Almost two decades later, this relationship spans all Apple devices and generates an estimated 14-21% of Apple’s annual profits, the Wall Street Journal reported in 2020. What stands out about this partnership is how little is required from end users to “Google” something straight from their device. Often Apple users don’t even have to navigate away from their home page. Google, in turn, benefits from a host of user data. Looking forward to 2024, we anticipate a tech landscape where AI-driven UX, extended reality, and ethical design take center stage. Just as car keys evolved to be forgotten until needed, we believe that great technology is so intuitive that it is invisible and that great technology experiences are created when they feel like a natural extension of our everyday lives. #


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