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Link: What AI thinks a beautiful woman looks like: Mostly white and thin - Washington Post

Using dozens of prompts on three of the leading image tools — MidJourney, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion — The Post found that they steer users toward a startlingly narrow vision of attractiveness. Prompted to show a “beautiful woman,” all three tools generated thin women, without exception. Just 2 percent of the images showed visible signs of aging. More than a third of the images had medium skin tones. But only nine percent had dark skin tones. Asked to show “normal women,” the tools produced images that remained overwhelmingly thin. Midjourney’s depiction of “normal” was especially homogenous: All of the images were thin, and 98 percent had light skin. “Normal” women did show some signs of aging, however: Nearly 40 percent had wrinkles or gray hair. #


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