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Link: Using a dev diary seems to be worthwhile · cozemble/breezbook · Discussion #32 · GitHub

An experiment for devs to try. I started keeping a "dev diary" while working on Breezbook. It was prompted by a statement by Stuart Ervine when I asked how others keep broader context of decisions behind code that are not visible in code, tests or comments. He said that at Apple, developers on teams keep diaries, and each team member can browser what others are thinking. I wanted to start simple, so it's just one long markdown file. My partner on breez, Metehan Altuntekin, suggested that a tool like Obsidian or similar might be more appropriate. But I'm happy I stayed with a simple text file. I can edit it in my code editor, while I'm coding, without breaking flow. It's a good sounding board when I'm working on my own. I can write down my doubts and concerns, and just the act of getting them down helps me think them through better. And I can feed it to an LLM and ask questions, like: remind me why I decided on Inngest for messaging? Or why might the location_id field on service be optional instead of mandatory. #


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