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Link: Uber Locks Out New York Drivers Mid-Shift to Lower Minimum Pay - Bloomberg

Uber has been locking out drivers mid-shift in New York City in response to a local law that requires ride-hailing companies to pay a minimum wage. The aim is to control labor supply to lower the amount Uber has to pay drivers. The law requires companies like Uber to pay drivers based on how much time they spend on the road, even when the drivers don't have passengers. To avoid these costs, Uber has been limiting access to its app when demand is lower. This strategy has negatively impacted drivers, leaving many stranded without notices. The unpredictable lockouts make it hard for drivers to plan shifts and maximize earnings. The situation has sparked backlash from driver advocates who argue that the policy is exploitative and Uber is prioritizing profits over the livelihood of its workers. It reignites debates about gig economy working conditions. Uber defends its actions, asserting it's trying to balance the need to comply with local laws, maintain work availability for drivers, and fulfill customer demands. However, this defense has done little to quell the ongoing unrest among drivers. #


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