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Link: Tubi is launching a new ‘fan-fueled’ studio to cultivate the next generation of filmmakers

Tubi is partnering with Issa Rae’s Color Creative initiative to launch Stubios an incubation platform for up-and-coming filmmakers looking to break into the business. The idea that would eventually become Stubios began a few years back when Parlapiano was still working at Tubi’s parent company Fox at a time when executives were keen on figuring out what the future of streaming — entertainment aimed at Gen Z, in particular — would look like. The Fox team worked with indie filmmakers and social media content creators to identify issues with the larger pipeline that sources new industry talent. And while Fox’s executives felt like there simply weren’t enough new scripts coming across their desks, the creatives they spoke with made clear that the real issue isn’t a lack of original stories but rather financial barriers that make it daunting to begin one’s professional career. “Many [young creators] get funding for their first project but then have nowhere to distribute it,” Parlapiano explained. “Some start in an incubator program but have no support for the next project. We saw an opportunity to launch a new program to create a flywheel that gives creatives continued access to production support and funding.” #


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