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Link: This is the ‘world’s first’ phone call made using spatial audio

Nokia has made the first audio and video call using 3D spatial audio, the company announced on Monday. It placed the call over a cellular network using the 3GPP Immersive Video and Audio Services (IVAS) codec, allowing callers to hear “sound spatially in real-time.” The IVAS codec is part of 5G Advanced, an upcoming upgrade to 5G networks that could offer faster speeds, improved energy efficiency, more accurate cellular-based positioning, and more. Currently, all phone calls made over a cellular network are monophonic, meaning audio is compressed into a single channel. Spatial audio, on the other hand, makes it seem like sounds are coming from different directions as they’re delivered through multiple channels. Some apps, like Apple Music, Netflix, and Disney Plus, offer spatial audio for a more lifelike listening experience — but only on supported listening devices. #


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