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Link: The CAA partners with Veritone to build a storage system for A-list artists to store their digital assets and get compensated for the use of their AI likeness (Lauren Forristal/TechCrunch)

Creative Artists Agency (CAA), one of the top entertainment and sports talent agencies, is hoping to be at the forefront of AI protection services for celebrities in Hollywood. With many stars having their digital likeness used without permission, CAA has built a virtual media storage system for A-list talent — actors, athletes, comedians, directors, musicians and more — to store their digital assets, such as their names, images, digital scans, voice recordings and so on. The new development is a part of “theCAAvault,” the company’s studio where actors record their bodies, faces, movements and voices using scanning technology to create AI clones. CAA teamed up with AI tech company Veritone to provide its digital asset management solution, the company announced earlier this week. #


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