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Link: The best thing about Jabra’s new earbuds is the case

Jabra is refreshing its earbuds lineup today with upgraded versions of the Elite 10 and Elite 8 Active. Both, now known as “Gen 2,” come with the expected improvements to sound quality, noise cancellation, and other fundamentals. But the real game changer, if there is one, is the LE Audio charging case that comes with both earbuds. You can plug the case into an external device — a treadmill, in-flight video screen, etc. — and the case will transmit that audio over to the buds. So you could potentially plug the Jabra case into a Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, or other portable gaming device over USB-C, and the sound would stay perfectly in sync at all times. Many earbuds have a low-latency gaming mode nowadays, but not all — and even with those that do, the experience can be inconsistent across various devices. #


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