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Link: Selling Data for AI May Be Publishers’ Salvation — The Information

We should expect these agreements to evolve—for some to become as exclusive as the NFL’s distribution rights. Unique content will drive viewers and eventually subscribers to paid search as competition intensifies. In turn, we should expect content providers’ strategies to evolve to incorporate revenue from data. In addition to novel ad products and subscription packages, they will build new product experiences to induce users to create data valuable to machine learning models. As LLMs demand more complex and accurate information to address user queries, the need for up-to-date and diverse data sources increases. This creates a lucrative market for companies like Reddit (and Pinterest, and The New York Times, and countless other content sites) to capitalize on their data. Little wonder then that Reddit, with its dynamic and diverse user-generated content—more than 1 billion posts and 16 billion comments on myriad topics from travel recommendations to product reviews and of course, the latest memes—has emerged as a gold mine for data harvesting. #


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