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Link: Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo talks about AI, chatbot platform Poe and why OpenAI is not a competitor

In essence, Poe offers developers and users access to different large language models, but its functionality is similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and GPT Store. But that means both platforms face some of the same challenges. They make it easy for anyone to create bots with prompts, which makes it hard for developers to stand out. D’Angelo told me that there are already a million bots on the platform, compared to 3 million custom GPTs on ChatGPT. For reference, it took Apple’s App Store more than five years to cross the million-app mark. Both Poe and GPT Store also suffer from a ton of spam, similarly named bots, bots claiming to escape plagiarism, and even ones that flirt with copyright law. Poe has also released a feature that lets users chat with multiple bots in one conversation. All that noise makes it hard to choose a bot that will do the job well. Despite these challenges, D’Angelo says that Quora wants to help developers earn sustainable money by improving bot discovery. “One of our goals with developers is to be able to make a living [out of making AI bots] and cover their operational costs,” he said. “We have taken a big step forward with the pay-per-message feature, but we also want to help developers get distribution inside the platform as much as possible. So, we are working on improving our recommendation system so more people can find out about the bots.” #


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