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Link: Quiet Compounding

Imagine if, after your first date with a partner, you had to make every phone call, every text, every conversation with that person public on social media. Or even just with a small group of friends and family. You know what would happen: People would tell you you’re doing this wrong, you’re doing that too much, you should say more of this and less of that, on and on. You’d be so embarrassed, nervous, and influenced by other people’s goals and different personalities that you wouldn’t be you. None of the relationships would work. Money is similar. People become so nervous about what other people think of their lifestyle and investing decisions that they end up doing two things: Performing for others, and copying a strategy that might work for someone else but isn’t right for you. I try to keep in mind that there are two ways to use money. One is as a tool to live a better life. The other is as a yardstick of success to measure yourself against other people. The first is quiet and personal, the second is loud and performative. It’s so obvious which leads to a happier life. #


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