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Link: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals – SoraNews24 -Japan News-

So called “inbound pricing” has become a hot topic in the Japanese restaurant industry these days. Japan is experiencing a massive surge in overseas visitor numbers, brought about by a combination of pent-up demand from Japan’s extended border closure during the pandemic and the yen falling to its lowest value in decades, making the country a more affordable international travel destination than it’s ever been in many people’s lifetimes. With the exchange rate so firmly in their favor, many foreign tourists who’re finally getting the opportunity to take that trip to Japan they’ve been dreaming about for the past few years are happy to splurge once they get here. One result of this has been some restaurants offering items that the local Japanese population is going to clearly feel are ridiculously expensive or overpriced, but which apparently enough inbound foreign tourists are gobbling up to keep on the menu. #


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