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Link: Neuralink’s First Brain-Chip Implant in a Human Appeared Flawless. There Was a Problem.

One factor that Neuralink explored that may have contributed to the threads coming out is that air was trapped inside Arbaugh’s skull after surgery, a condition called pneumocephalus, according to people familiar with the events. The problem hasn’t appeared to pose a risk to safety of Arbaugh, a quadriplegic since a 2016 diving accident. Even so, the possibility of removing Arbaugh’s implant, a so-called “explantation,” was floated, said these people. The company said in its blog post that the retracted threads led to a reduction in bits-per-second, a measure of the speed and accuracy of Arbaugh’s ability to control a computer cursor with only his thoughts. In response the company said it made changes including modifying its algorithms that improved bits-per-second. #


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