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Link: Morinaga releases “hunger management” drink that turns into jelly in your stomach

The food wizards at Morinaga have developed what they call a “hunger management” product that might help curb the urge to splurge on snacks. It’s called In Tansan and has the unusual property of going down the hatch like a drink and then turning into jelly while inside your stomach, thus making you feel full. “Tansan” is the Japanese word for “carbonated” because this is sold as a canned carbonated beverage, even though the “In” brand is famous for its line of fortified jelly packets. This drink is specially formulated to react with strong acid, such as that found in the stomach, to solidify into a jelly. In addition, the carbonation bubbles still in the drink get locked inside the jelly, making it that much more bulky. #


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