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Link: Microsoft’s Nadella Is Building an AI Empire. OpenAI Was Just the First Step. - WSJ

Nadella has also begun building what amounts to an in-house OpenAI competitor inside Microsoft—potentially putting it on a collision course with its most important partner. To lead Microsoft’s AI efforts, he recruited Mustafa Suleyman, a longtime rival of OpenAI’s co-founder, Sam Altman. Suleyman, who helped launch DeepMind, a pioneering AI research firm, and went on to co-found Inflection AI, an AI startup, has brought most of his team from Inflection with him to Microsoft. The new employees have led the process to train their own artificial-intelligence model, built on technology developed at Inflection and designed to be on par with the OpenAI technology Microsoft depends on today. A person familiar with the matter said that some future Microsoft AI products could be switched from OpenAI technology to the model being developed by Suleyman’s team. #


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