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Link: Man suspected of using smart glasses to cheat on Waseda University exams

Investigators said the suspect from the city of Machida in western Tokyo had solicited people online to be tutors to help him answer difficult questions, and paid money to those who responded to his post for answers. The smart glasses, equipped with camera and communication functions, were allegedly used to take pictures of a chemistry test and other tests for Waseda University's School of Creative Science and Engineering on Feb. 16. The examinee then posted the photos on X (formerly Twitter) to solicit answers. One of the people who sent answers to the questions realized the suspect was cheating and notified the university. The 18-year-old man surfaced as a suspect after the posted pictures were analyzed. Waseda University, one of Japan’s most prestigious, then notified the police after one of its staff found the man doing something similar on Feb. 21 during an entrance exam for another university department. #


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