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Link: Liquid Death is giving away a fighter jet—for real, unlike Pepsi’s ill-fated ’90s contest

The custom-painted Aero L-39C Albatros has been dubbed "The Dehydrator" because its thrust will "relieve you of your bodily fluids and make you empty your stomach." Between now and September 4, each in-store purchase of a Liquid Death product will count as an entry into the sweepstakes. To enter, contestants will need to upload a photo of their receipt to this website. In addition to the jet, the contest winner will receive six free months of hangar space outside of Chicago, as well as a year's supply of Liquid Death and a custom branded flight helmet. The company will also cover the sales tax for the plane for the winner. The two-seater aircraft can travel up to 470 miles per hour. The winner will be responsible for any expenses related to owning and operating the jet, including fuel and hiring a pilot if they don't have a license to fly the plane. In the event that the winner doesn't want the jet, Liquid Death is offering an alternative cash prize of $250,000 delivered in a briefcase. #


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