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Link: Light Phone 2 one year retrospect

The Light Phone works for me because I was ready to commit to living a smartphone-free life as much as possible. Muting notifications and deleting the apps off my smartphone had done nothing to curb the compulsion to check my accounts. If I felt anxious or bored, reaching for my smartphone was an automatic reaction, to the point where I sometimes didn’t realize my phone was in my hand until I was 10 cat videos deep on Instagram. I’m the kind of person who likes to retain control over my faculties, so that terrified me. By making the Light Phone my primary phone, I hoped to separate myself from easy access to social media and change my relationship with how and when I accessed the internet. The Light Phone 2 had the right lack of features: no email, no social media, no internet browser or any other apps, so it made the first step in my process easy to achieve. #


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