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Link: Kawasaki man arrested over malware made using generative AI

Ryuki Hayashi from Kawasaki was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of the unauthorized creation of electronic records. According to the police, there have been very few cases in which police took law-enforcement action over the creation of malware using generative AI technology. Hayashi, who has admitted to the allegations, was quoted as saying that he wanted to "earn easy money" and that he thought he "could do anything" if he used AI. Hayashi is suspected of creating the malware in March last year by combining designs of illegal malware programs obtained through the use of interactive generative AI tools. The malware was similar to ransomware, which causes data to be encrypted on computers and held for ransom, according to the police. As Hayashi is thought to have failed to obtain a program needed to put the malware into practical use, the police believe that the malware did not cause any damage. Many generative AI service providers take measures so that no replies will be provided to questions that may lead to the creation of malware or other crimes. In order to evade such measures, Hayashi allegedly asked many roundabout questions. Hayashi, a former factory worker, is not an expert on malware. He allegedly learned online how to ask AI tools questions that would elicit information on how to create malware.  #


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