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Link: 😲How the 'Buy Button' 🛒hooks you - by Bandan Jot Singh

Instagram took a different approach. It did not ask businesses “hey, come and push ads to our users", but rather it asked brands to become content creators as well alongside all other users and promote posts/reels from their existing content on their business Instagram account. This made sure that for a user browsing Instagram, when an advertisement pops up, it just looks human, it feels local. If you liked the “content” of the advertisement, you could go to homepage of the business and see what else they have to offer, or just otherwise continue to scroll to the next content. Often when ad advertisement pops up in user’s scroll, it doesn’t even look like a promotion. Only if you liked something in that reel/post you could tap on it to see if you can buy it. On tapping, the option to explore and buy comes up. (Source of image below: Instagram). The advertisement is not trying to be an ad here, it is trying to be content to which humans can relate. #


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