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Link: How a NY Broker Built a Business on Reality TV Fame — The Information

How Serhant extended his reality TV fame can serve as a playbook for today’s up-and-coming reality TV stars. Serhant expanded his reach on social media to more than 2 million Instagram followers and about 1.4 million YouTube subscribers. He also published books about brand strategy and how to become a better salesperson and expanded to other business ventures, including a studio offering high-quality production services. Serhant likely would have found it a lot harder to develop such a following if he made his TV debut today. “Today, you go on a TV show and you have to tell people you were on it—for the most part,” he said. Participants in shows can’t rely on a stream of online sponsorship deals, unlike in the heyday of shows like Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” or ABC’s “The Bachelor.” The change stems from a steep decline in cable viewership and a huge influx of reality shows available on streaming services, which have splintered audiences. Netflix alone offers at least a dozen different dating programs. #


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