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Link: Hi, AI: Our Thesis on AI Voice Agents | Andreessen Horowitz

We are transitioning from 1.0 AI voice (phone tree) → 2.0 wave of AI voice (LLM-based). 2.0 companies have been emerging in the last 6 months or so. 1.0 companies may be more accurate now, but the 2.0 approach should be much more scalable and accurate in the long term. There is unlikely to be one horizontal model or platform that works across all types of enterprise voice agents. There are a few key differences across verticals: (1) call types, tones, and structures; (2) integrations and processes; and (3) GTM and “killer features.” This is likely to mean an explosion of vertical agents that are highly opinionated in the UI. This requires founding teams with deep domain expertise or interest. Labor is the #1 cost center for many businesses — TAM is large for companies that “get it right.” The most near-term opportunities may be in industries that live and die by phone appointments, have significant labor shortages, and have low call complexity. As agents become more sophisticated, they will be able to tackle more complex calls. #


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